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This is us - Jeff & Jill|| This is us - Jeff & Jill|| ||

Who are we...

St Cuthbert's House is owned and run by us – and we are Jeff & Jill Sutheran.  We came to live in Northumberland near the end of the last century, after years spent growing to love this area during many family holidays.  We had no clear intention of being in the hospitality industry when we came here - in fact, we had very few clear intentions at all, apart from being determined to find a 'different way' to live our life. We fell into it because we'd reluctantly acquired an old semi-derelict church which came bundled in the purchase of our home, the adjacent manse.  Several years later (after wondering what the heck we were going to do with it!) we set out to create 'the B&B we'd love to stay in' and found that not only did we really enjoy it, but so did our guests too! So here we are...

We are also musicians…well alright, one of us is.  The other wishes he was.  Jill is a gifted musician, and seems to be able to make any instrument sound good, even those she’s never played before.

She writes (and has recorded) beautiful music, poignant and reflective, but can also do a mean Tina Turner impersonation in our rock ’n roll party band - so her musical ability can truly be described as ‘diverse’. 

She began playing the Northumbrian Pipes several years ago now, which are a particularly difficult instrument to master, requiring the skills of an octopus who can pat your tummy whilst rubbing your head. She will be reluctant, (because she hates being showy,) but we can definitely persuade her to play this amazing instrument for you when you come to St Cuthbert's House, if you want that!   (Northumberland is the only English county with its ‘own’ musical instrument!) 

To complete this stanza, I should say that I am an absolutely average guitar player, and I play a Takamine acoustic and the instrument which shaped my teens, and therefore my life – a Fender Stratocaster.

The stories of the ‘Celtic Saints’ in Northumbria, and the spirituality which they have inspired - particularly as we have grown to understand it through the Northumbria Community - gave us a sense of ‘homecoming’ in our hearts many years ago, long before we decided to move here with our young family.  It just seemed to provide a language for answering some of the questions of faith we wrestle with.

I am good around IT and techy stuff, and Jill…isn’t.  But then, she’s good around everything else. We've put the website together, together.

We absolutely love living here, in our home adjacent to St Cuthbert's House - we live in the old manse, attached to the church. The complete restoration of that neglected and tumbledown old church, which has now become St Cuthbert's House, was a project which stretched us and stressed us in so many different ways, and not all of them enjoyable!  We had no experience of a building project of that scale. But it's something we now regard with great satisfaction, knowing that we have been able to create something very special.  We hope we may have opportunity to share it with you, and that in some way, small or large, you will find good things in your sharing it with us.

Featured Items

  • We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We were delighted to be shortlisted again, amongst the top 3 finalists from around the whole country, when we went to the VisitEngland 'Awards for Excellence 2017' ceremony at the Waldorf Hotel last week.

    But then we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded the top spot - the Gold Award, making us VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England 2017' -  as we were in 2014 too.  To win this prestigious and highly-prized accolade a second time is very special indeed.

  • Clare votes us her No 1!

    Clare votes us her No 1!

    We've been enjoying reading Clare Balding's new book recently. She stayed with us here at St Cuthbert's House a while ago, but we were really taken aback when folks began to call to tell us that she mentions her stay at St Cuthbert's House in the book! Here's what she says, on page 201:
    'St Cuthbert's House went instantly to the top of my 'best ever B&Bs' list. I would describe it as a luxury small hotel with a family feel, but that might not fit on the signs.' Aw, thanks Clare!

  • Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Some time ago, we began work with our local Tourism Association to produce a video showing some of the things which make this area so very special.  Now the video is complete, and we are deeply grateful to the remarkable young film-maker Cain Scrimgeour for working patiently with us across the seasons, to create something very, very beautiful. This is 7 minutes long, and we urge you to settle back and watch...

  • Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy told us that they'd really enjoyed their first stay at SCH, and so we asked them to tell you why...

    Reassure yourself - watch their one-minute video..

  • Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews, to find out what other guests have said about their stay.  But please - always book direct via our Book Online page to avoid fees.

    We're pleased to be included as founder members of the Tripadvisor 'Hall of Fame' - where entry is only available to businesses which have won Tripadvisor's coveted 'Certificate of Excellence' for five consecutive years.

  • Our Price Guarantee

    Our Price Guarantee

    You will ALWAYS receive the best possible price by booking direct with us - either by calling us on 01665 720456 or by following the Book Now menu item!  Beware that some large agencies charge you more - and they also take a large slice of commission from small independents like us.  Show your support for small businesses by booking DIRECT!

  • The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    We're in the Good Hotel Guide!

    We are delighted once again to be included in the 2018 edition of the Good Hotel Guide, and especially proud to receive a Cesar Award from this proudly independent and highly respected Hotel review organisation.  They describe the Cesar Awards thus:

    We give our Cesar Awards to the ten best hotels of the year. Named after Cesar Ritz, the most celebrated of hoteliers, these are the Oscars of hotel keeping.

Fancy a drink?

SCH BeerLabel 400Well, if you do, you're spoiled for choice, with so many delicious Northumbrian craft beers, and good quality wines available.  We have our own House Beer too. Check out Our Bar!


SustainabilityAs a famous frog once said: It's Not Easy Being Green. But we're trying to do the right things. Read about Our Sustainable Business.

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