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Enjoying really good local food (and drink!) is an important part of your time away. So here is all the information you could want, about Eating Out in the evening, and Eating In in the morning!  And also about our Bar too.

Your Breakfast

"There is no love sincerer than love of food" ...and we love to provide the very best food here at St Cuthbert's House.

We're always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there's no better start than a St Cuthbert's House breakfast! You'll be eating amidst the elegance of the Cuthbert Room - and whilst we can't actually quote any research to prove that a beautiful room makes for a more enjoyable breakfast, we're sure it's true.

We serve breakfast for you between 8.15 - 9.15am on weekdays, and 8.30 - 9.45am at weekends. Everything is prepared fresh for your arrival in the dining room, and so (to provide a good choice, yet avoid long wait times and food wastage) we invite you to choose your main course before you turn in, and tell us what time you're aiming for. This makes for a much better breakfast than one that's been kept warm for an hour. If you would really rather order in the morning, that’s fine too - but you should anticipate a longer wait.

Eating Out

Going out for dinner? Places to eat locally.

The question we get asked most is 'where should we eat?' - and we're pleased to be able to offer you some good advice based on our own extensive experience - we love to eat out, and like to pretend we're researching on your behalf - and also on the informal culinary reviews we gather from our guests every day. So, over time, we've built up a pretty good picture about the quality and consistency of lots of local eateries.

But of course, recommending a place to eat is ultimately a very subjective analysis; the 'best' place depends on what you're looking for! Everything from fish 'n chips to relatively fine dining is available locally. So, if you tell us what you'd like, we'll tell you where you might find it.

But before we get to the food, let's talk about how you'll reach it... We have just two taxis in our village, and they can be very busy and difficult to book at short notice.  So if you decide to eat in one of the neighbouring villages and don't want to drive, then you should consider booking your taxi in advance, when you've booked your table.  It can be difficult to get a taxi 'on the night'. We can make both table and taxi reservations for you if you'd like that - just say the word.

Our favourite places are popular, and for good reason.  If you want to eat somewhere which is on this list, then you (or we) really should book a table. Getting one at short notice is often impossible.  If you call, remember to tell them where you're staying. 

Our Bar

Fancy a drink? Well, what's your tipple?

Maybe you'll want to curl up on the sofa with a glass of beer and a good book for the afternoon. Or perhaps you'll fancy a glass of wine before you wander down to the village for dinner, or a night-cap before you turn in. Or maybe you'll want to stay in bed, and order a bottle of bubbly...

So we've put a lot of thought into maintaining a lovely little bar that works for you whenever you want it. Our 'Suppliers' page has links to some of the great local craft-breweries which are turning out excellent, award-winning local beers. We keep a range to suit almost every palette (there's even a lager) but of course our own favourite is our 'house beer' which comes beautifully labelled for us from The Durham Brewery, called 'St Cuthbert's House' - a strong and sophisticated ale, brewed slowly and properly. Indeed all of our beers are brewed this way, and all within a stone's throw of St Cuthbert's House (if you have a strong arm).

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Local Suppliers

greensWe're passionate about what goes on your plate (and in your glass) and so we buy our ingredients from Local Suppliers who are too.

Fancy a drink?

SCH BeerLabel 400Well, if you do, you're spoiled for choice, with so many delicious Northumbrian craft beers, and good quality wines available.  We have our own House Beer too. Check out Our Bar!

Tripadvisor Reviews

TA HallofFame2015 200Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews, to find out what other guests have said about their stay.  But please - don't make a booking via their site (or any other agency!) because it can cost both you and us a fee.  Please, book direct via our Book Online page.

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Or you can call us on 01665 720456 to book, too. If you don't see the availability you need in the Online Booking tool, it's always worth giving us a call to check.

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