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Going out for dinner? Places to eat locally.

The question we get asked most is 'where should we eat?' - and we're pleased to be able to offer you some good advice based on our own extensive experience - we love to eat out, and like to pretend we're researching on your behalf - and also on the informal culinary reviews we gather from our guests every day. So, over time, we've built up a pretty good picture about the quality and consistency of lots of local eateries.

But of course, recommending a place to eat is ultimately a very subjective analysis; the 'best' place depends on what you're looking for! Everything from fish 'n chips to relatively fine dining is available locally. So, if you tell us what you'd like, we'll tell you where you might find it.

But before we get to the food, let's talk about how you'll reach it... We have just two taxis in our village, and they can be very busy and difficult to book at short notice.  So if you decide to eat in one of the neighbouring villages and don't want to drive, then you should consider booking your taxi in advance, when you've booked your table.  It can be difficult to get a taxi 'on the night'. We can make both table and taxi reservations for you if you'd like that - just say the word.

Our favourite places are popular, and for good reason.  If you want to eat somewhere which is on this list, then you (or we) really should book a table. Getting one at short notice is often impossible.  If you call, remember to tell them where you're staying. 

Please remember that our opinions are just that - and you may not agree with us! But all advice is given here in good faith, and we have nothing to gain (or lose) by sending you in any particular direction. So - here goes:

If you want to walk out from St Cuthbert's House for a meal, the centre of Seahouses is just over half a mile from here and a very easy, gentle stroll taking perhaps 12-15 minutes.  If that's too far, then the nearest place to eat is The Longstone House Hotel 01665 721202 (although you can almost always walk-in without a reservation) which is just 50m from St Cuthbert's House.  Perfect then, if you don't want to walk far!  They serve adequate pub food in an unsophisticated setting.

Our favourite place to eat in the village (by some margin!) is Elan 01665 721311 - a lovely small and cosy cafe-style Pizzeria, where they serve fresh and delightful pizza, pasta and salads which are very satisfying.  And also very inexpensive!  It is almost always very busy.  You need a table booking.  Did we mention that already?

The best 'pub grub' in our village is at The Links Hotel 01665 720062.  Service is pub-style, rather than refined, but the food is consistent, and satisfying . The Olde Ship 01665 720200 is also very popular, although we think the bar is a more worthy destination than the dining room (see below for more recommendation of the Ship!)  The Bamburgh Castle Inn 01665 720283 serves standard pub-grub in a pleasant setting overlooking the harbour.  The Bistro in St Aidan's Hotel 01665 720355 serves only on Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings.

We also have two very good Indian restaurants in the village - we prefer the Spice House 01665 720345 but The Brasserie 01665 720999 is also very good. The Indian restaurants are the only places which generally serve a meal after 9pm - although in the height of the season, Elan also serves beyond the usual watershed. 

And of course Seahouses is famous for fish 'n chips too - Lewis's or Neptune are our firm recommendations.  Be aware that the fish 'n chip shops don't stay open late into the evening.

If you're looking for something a bit further afield, then a good-quality place to eat in Bamburgh is The Potted Lobster 01668 214088 which serves mostly-local seafood dishes to a very good standard.

For good-quality food in a very 'traditional' setting (we're talking nibbles and drinks served in the Drawing Room before dinner, sorbet between courses - you get the picture?) we like Grays Restaurant at The Waren House Hotel at Budle Bay 01668 214581.  The surroundings are quaintly old-fashioned, and the service sometimes isn't very sophisticated (although always well-meaning) but their team of chefs is proud to source and celebrate local produce, and they present good food beautifully.  This country-house hotel has an 'old-fashioned' charm and elegance, although it isn't expensive.  We feel that this place offers something 'different' to most other good-quality restaurants locally, and so we regard it as a great 'special occasion' destination.  Waren House is about 4 miles from SCH, so again, a car or taxi is required.

A pub serving above-average pub-grub is The Jolly Fisherman at Craster 01665 576461, about 20 minutes away.

The Ship at Low Newton 01665 576262 is a charming (but very small) pub in a spectacular setting. It's a popular place to eat (their crab sandwiches are a speciality) but it's virtually impossible to make a last-minute booking. 

Many vegetarian guests have told us that they have never seen such a generous array of vege options on a menu as are available at the Dunstanburgh Castle Hotel 01665 576111, in Embleton (about 6 miles). So if vege is your preference, you're likely to be well satisfied eating there.

Every village for miles around also has its pub(s) serving food, and most are perfectly acceptable. Some of the better options are listed in the slider below. In particular, we hear good reviews of the White Swan in Warenford 01668 213453 which is a good quality pub-restaurant, about 7 miles from here.  And we like The Pack Horse in Ellingham 01665 589292, which is about the same distance away.  

But first, a word about The Ship in Seahouses, which is a truly wonderful 'proper pub' - traditional, community-spirited and authentic, and one which you really should visit for a drink in the bar - if you like pubs! Don't be put off if the bar looks full (it often does) because a space will almost invariably open up if you work your way in towards the fireplace and can be patient for a few minutes. If you eat dinner at The Ship, you won't actually see this best bit - the bar - so you really should make your way in there, because it is a sight to behold, and enjoy... 

Don't confuse our Ship in Seahouses with the equally famous Ship at Low Newton, 6 miles away, mentioned above as a place to eat.

Just let us know if you'd like any more help on the food-and-drink topic! We love talking about it (but not as much as we like engaging in it...)

So for the sake of completeness, these eateries are arranged simply by proximity to St Cuthbert's House - but we cannot resist offering a completely subjective and personal opinion about each:

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