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Around the outside

St Cuthbert's House sits prominently on the Main Street (which is a relative term -about a dozen cars per day pass our door...)

The old church didn’t have a lot of land, and so most of the outside area has needed to be given over to hard-standing, primarily for car parking, at the behest of the planners. This was one of their strange insistences. Parking is just not an issue up here, and we would have much rather created a garden area… but car park it is. Although, it is still possible to sit out and enjoy a glass of wine on a summer evening. It’s enclosed by a fence which provides some privacy.


It took us several days to hack off the horrid render which covered the outside walls of the building. The planners initially denied us permission to do this, even though we knew there was likely to be a rather attractive stone facade. Eventually they agreed that we could remove the render on safety grounds, when we found that some of it was not attached to the stone beneath, and was preparing itself to drop on someone's head!   When we did remove it, we found some rather attractive, if rough, stone.  It took a very long time to rake those joints and point them again, but we're so pleased to see the stone exposed again, rather some some painted cement render.

At the front there are two entrance vestibules, one of which provides the ‘front’ entrance which we don't use much now because the old door is a bit temperamental. These vestibules were added about 30 years after the church was built, and were built in brick rather than stone. So we've left them rendered, and painted them. One elderly resident in the village told me that he remembers coming to church as a child, and the women entered through one door whilst the men came in the other. We've relaxed this rule now…

The original windows in the vestibules have been expertly rebuilt by David, in their original casings. And so have the enormous great windows which run almost the full length of the front elevation – quite a task! Large areas had to be chopped out and replaced, but they look like new now.

The glass is 'tinted' and carries a yellow-brownish cross surrounded by green glass. We had many broken panes to replace, and whilst we could source suitable green glass fairly easily, we could not find any brown to match at all. The cross needed to remain intact, so David took the cracked pane from the frame, then carefully replaced the broken glass into the renovated frame with silicone. See if you can spot it.

After they had been renovated and repaired, these windows needed to be painted. Jill spent days climbing and balancing on wobbly scaffold towers to do this work, and I went up there only to deliver cups of tea at regular intervals. I cannot show you photographs here, lest a Health & Safety inspector should read this.

The old wrought-iron railings and gates were in pretty bad shape, but they’ve been shot-blasted, repaired and galvanised by William, a local iron-worker whose workshop is around the corner on Broad Road.  We also managed to salvage some of the cast iron downpipes and guttering, and it’s amazing to see them looking so good with a few coats of paint.

Featured Items

  • We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We were delighted to be shortlisted again, amongst the top 3 finalists from around the whole country, when we went to the VisitEngland 'Awards for Excellence 2017' ceremony at the Waldorf Hotel last week.

    But then we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded the top spot - the Gold Award, making us VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England 2017' -  as we were in 2014 too.  To win this prestigious and highly-prized accolade a second time is very special indeed.

  • Clare votes us her No 1!

    Clare votes us her No 1!

    We've been enjoying reading Clare Balding's new book recently. She stayed with us here at St Cuthbert's House a while ago, but we were really taken aback when folks began to call to tell us that she mentions her stay at St Cuthbert's House in the book! Here's what she says, on page 201:
    'St Cuthbert's House went instantly to the top of my 'best ever B&Bs' list. I would describe it as a luxury small hotel with a family feel, but that might not fit on the signs.' Aw, thanks Clare!

  • Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Some time ago, we began work with our local Tourism Association to produce a video showing some of the things which make this area so very special.  Now the video is complete, and we are deeply grateful to the remarkable young film-maker Cain Scrimgeour for working patiently with us across the seasons, to create something very, very beautiful. This is 7 minutes long, and we urge you to settle back and watch...

  • Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy told us that they'd really enjoyed their first stay at SCH, and so we asked them to tell you why...

    Reassure yourself - watch their one-minute video..

  • Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews, to find out what other guests have said about their stay.  But please - always book direct via our Book Online page to avoid fees.

    We're pleased to be included as members of the Tripadvisor 'Hall of Fame' - where entry is only available to businesses which have won Tripadvisor's coveted 'Certificate of Excellence' for five consecutive years.

  • Our Price Guarantee

    Our Price Guarantee

    You will ALWAYS receive the best possible price by booking direct with us - either by calling us on 01665 720456 or by following the Book Now menu item!  Beware that some large agencies charge you more - and they also take a large slice of commission from small independents like us.  Show your support for small businesses by booking DIRECT!

  • The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    We're in the Good Hotel Guide!

    We are delighted once again to be included in the 2018 edition of the Good Hotel Guide, and especially proud to receive a Cesar Award from this proudly independent and highly respected Hotel review organisation.  They describe the Cesar Awards thus:

    We give our Cesar Awards to the ten best hotels of the year. Named after Cesar Ritz, the most celebrated of hoteliers, these are the Oscars of hotel keeping.


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