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St Cuthbert's House Policies, Statements,
Terms & Conditions, and other documentation.

Here, we've collected together into one place all the various documents which set out our approach to various important issues, legal or otherwise!  If you don't find what you're looking for - or if you don't find an answer to your question in a place you might expect it - then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01665 720456 to talk to us directly.

Booking Terms and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions of booking are set out below; but first, here is a summary of our Cancellation Policy - which is terrribly unimportant unless something unforeseen befalls you. We do recommend You consider insuring against the possibility of incurring cancellation charges.

Access Statement

If you can see a way we can improve anything, please let us know.

Environmental Policy

At St Cuthbert’s House, we’re committed to conducting our life and our business in a sustainable way... So without being fanatical, we're trying to do the sensible things which help to save the world.

Responsible Visitor Charter

We realise that our Green aspirations are just that - ours. But we'd like to think that while you're staying at St Cuthbert's House you might like to aspire with us - even if you don't lean this way ordinarily.

Privacy Policy

St Cuthbert’s House

Privacy policy

1. Introduction

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors, and guests; this policy sets out how we at St Cuthbert’s House will treat any personal information we collect about you.

2. What information we collect about you.

The information we collect about you may include your name (and the names of guests who will be staying as part of your booking), your home address, your email address, and your landline/mobile telephone number(s).
We may also collect a debit or credit card number in order to take a booking deposit, typically an amount equal to the cost of the first night of your stay.
We also collect ‘usage data’ which analyses the way users interact with our website. This data is collected by means of Google Analytics cookies, and further information about this can be found below in Section 7, titled ‘Cookies’.

When we send you emails related to your booking (eg to confirm your stay, or to provide pre-stay and/or post-stay information), inbuilt functionality enables us to see whether you have opened the email, and which links you may have clicked on. Our email newsletters (which we send approximately four times per year, should you choose to subscribe to receive them) carry the same functionality as those booking-related emails.

All ip data associated with your use of our Enquiry Form and Feedback Form is anonymised.

When making an enquiry via our Enquiry Form, you are likely to provide us with personal information such as your Name, Email, Address and Telephone details. We will use this data to respond to your enquiry, and all Enquiry Forms are deleted 30 days after submission.

We value your feedback, and you are welcome to provide it anonymously online via our Feedback Form. We store Feedback Form data for reference and data analysis. If you choose to provide your name and/or email address on your Feedback Form, we will store that information with your feedback.

Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy is set out here for you.

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