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Here's a little bit of fun to start the Video page; maybe you're a long way from Northumberland, and missing 'home'...  Well, I was on the beach very early one morning, and it was just beautiful.  So I captured a couple of minutes of nothingness. Here it is. It's not riveting, or spectacular, and it's more than a bit wobbly (there aren't many rocks to rest on!)  But if you wish you were here right now, this might just get you through the day.  

Tip: the videos further down this page do get better - honest!

We've found some interesting bits of video of our local area to share with you here. Of course there's no shortage of holiday vids on youtube - but we're talking here about some more eclectic or unusual stuff! But first, here are a couple of excerpts from our own St Cuthbert's House video collection; a piece we did with Aled Jones for Songs of praise in 2009 (4 mins long, our bit begins about 1:25-ish)

And here is a short (50 secs) excerpt from an interview we did in preparation for the North-East Tourism Awards in 2010. We won! Don't think it had anything to do with my interview skills though...

Now for the interesting stuff! Here's one to get started; we found this enchanting video on the Pathe News website, which shows the old railway which used to link the mainline at Chathill, and a station at Seahouses. The line ran a few yards from St Cuthbert's House, and the video shows the station at North Sunderland. It also shows Bamburgh and makes reference to the station there, but in fact the line was never extended to Bamburgh. What a shame it's all gone... The link takes you to the Pathe site, and you might need to persevere beyond a 20 second commercial - sorry. Can't embed this one for copyright reasons, so come back when you've seen it.

Here's a one-minute promo about Seahouses, made by Northumberland Tourism.

Here's a 5-minute video made by the National Trust about the work of the Farne Island wardens in monitoring and watching out for the amazing seabird colonies on the Farnes.

On that same theme - this is a 30-minute Radio 4 programme called Saving Species, first broadcast in 2011, which is about the strength and success of the seabird colonies on the Farne Islands - in contrast to other parts of the country.

Here's a two-and-a-half-minute video clip from a 1956 British Transport Films' Northumberland travelogue. It features the wildlife around the Longstone Lighthouse in the Farne Islands, including seals, puffins, arctic terns, guillemots and kittiwakes. And a fantastic narrator!

Here's a short clip from a 1936 nature documentary called 'Nursery Island'. Obviously made by some very hardy and dedicated film-makers!

The action moves a little further south, but this short clip of the building of the Tyne Bridge from 1928 is fascinating.  No Health & Safety regulations in evidence for these fellows. Don't look down!

Radio Interviews

Here are a few excerpts from interviews we've done on our local BBC radio station since 2013.

This one's an interview on Radio Newcastle 15-05-14 - talking about our Gold Award at the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2014, (making us 'England's Best B&B'!) and the fact that the small village of Seahouses had TWO national Gold-Award winners at that ceremony.

In the run-up to that Awards bash, we did an interview on BBC Radio Newcastle 04-04-14 taking about our nomination as a finalist for the VisitEngland Awards for Excellence.

BBC Radio Newcastle called us on 11-12-13 to ask us about what's great in Northumberland.

This is a Sunday-morning chat with Sue Sweeney on BBC Radio Newcastle 25-02-13, about the house-concerts at St Cuthbert's House which we began in March 2013.

BBC Newcastle did another interview about our house-concerts as we were starting them up, on 02-03-13

This is an interview we did on Radio Newcastle after we won the North-East Tourism Awards in 2010.

We hope you've enjoyed a few minutes browsing this collection! We're always on the lookout for more - so if you come across any  good Northumberland-themed items, please let us know!

Northumberland was shortlisted as 'Best Destination' at the British Travel Awards 2014 - setting itself up as a contender against Cornwall, which always seem to win... yawn...  So Radio Newcastle did this fun piece one breakfast time and called me to represent our side in the 'debate'.  Completely winging it here...

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Featured Items

  • We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We're VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England' for 2017!

    We were delighted to be shortlisted again, amongst the top 3 finalists from around the whole country, when we went to the VisitEngland 'Awards for Excellence 2017' ceremony at the Waldorf Hotel last week.

    But then we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded the top spot - the Gold Award, making us VisitEngland's 'Best B&B in England 2017' -  as we were in 2014 too.  To win this prestigious and highly-prized accolade a second time is very special indeed.

  • Clare votes us her No 1!

    Clare votes us her No 1!

    We've been enjoying reading Clare Balding's new book recently. She stayed with us here at St Cuthbert's House a while ago, but we were really taken aback when folks began to call to tell us that she mentions her stay at St Cuthbert's House in the book! Here's what she says, on page 201:
    'St Cuthbert's House went instantly to the top of my 'best ever B&Bs' list. I would describe it as a luxury small hotel with a family feel, but that might not fit on the signs.' Aw, thanks Clare!

  • Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Want to see what's so special about Northumberland?

    Some time ago, we began work with our local Tourism Association to produce a video showing some of the things which make this area so very special.  Now the video is complete, and we are deeply grateful to the remarkable young film-maker Cain Scrimgeour for working patiently with us across the seasons, to create something very, very beautiful. This is 7 minutes long, and we urge you to settle back and watch...

  • Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy recommend St Cuthbert's House

    Peter & Kathy told us that they'd really enjoyed their first stay at SCH, and so we asked them to tell you why...

    Reassure yourself - watch their one-minute video..

  • Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews

    Check out our Tripadvisor Reviews, to find out what other guests have said about their stay.  But please - always book direct via our Book Online page to avoid fees.

    We're pleased to be included as founder members of the Tripadvisor 'Hall of Fame' - where entry is only available to businesses which have won Tripadvisor's coveted 'Certificate of Excellence' for five consecutive years.

  • Our Price Guarantee

    Our Price Guarantee

    You will ALWAYS receive the best possible price by booking direct with us - either by calling us on 01665 720456 or by following the Book Now menu item!  Beware that some large agencies charge you more - and they also take a large slice of commission from small independents like us.  Show your support for small businesses by booking DIRECT!

  • The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    The Good Hotel Guide - Cesar Award!

    We're in the Good Hotel Guide!

    We are delighted once again to be included in the 2018 edition of the Good Hotel Guide, and especially proud to receive a Cesar Award from this proudly independent and highly respected Hotel review organisation.  They describe the Cesar Awards thus:

    We give our Cesar Awards to the ten best hotels of the year. Named after Cesar Ritz, the most celebrated of hoteliers, these are the Oscars of hotel keeping.


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